One reason why I titled this “freedom for the oppressed” is because often times in history certain people have found themselves being oppressed by a certain individual or group of individuals, government etc.

After this oppression has gone on for a while, eventually the oppressed people want their freedom. One example I can give to you was during the time of the Atlantic Slave Trade which existed from the 16th to the 19th centuries and it involved the transportation of enslaved people mostly from central and west Africa, these slaves were sold by other West African chiefs or by European Merchants.

The Africans were sold and taken as slaves (they were all at the prime of their life), their lives were stolen from them and they shipped them as cargos overseas to work for White European Merchants mostly on cotton fields, sugarcane fields, coffee, tobacco, cocoa plantation fields and some of the women were domestic servants.

After a while, some slaves tried to escape because they were been oppressed, used and forced to work against their will, some escaped on foot but got caught and paid a huge prize for trying to escape. some got whipped terribly, some got their limbs and foot cut off, terrible things were done to them but one day, after centuries of oppression and generation after generation of slavery, their freedom came.

4Agape Inc is here for the oppressed woman who is being abused or was in an abusive relationship with an abuser. The pain and scars from a relationship are of the heart and are not visible to the physical eyes so hence abused people tend to endure the abuse until they either relapse and go into depression or worse hurt themselves or their abusers.

This is why it’s important to speak to someone, don’t suffer on your own, you need to be set free. There’s freedom for you whether it’s through coaching, therapy and counselling. Speak up and speak out to save your life.

This organization is about helping women who have gone through abuse. We support survivors/victims of domestic abuse, spousal abuse, and emotional abuse.

A lot of abused victims feel stuck and are stuck due to financial means, so we would help them with the First month’s rent and last month’s rent. We would help them through their healing process and we hope to achieve this through coaching and therapy for the victims. A lot of them go through depression during periods of abuse and some have lost their minds in the process to the point of trying to harm themselves.

They go through complete physical and mental breakdowns and may become suicidal from the abuse. What separates me from other applicants is we are in the business of saving lives and we don’t want a child or children to lose their parent(s) from abuse.

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